Save yourself time and unnecessary stress when you want to go to a special occassion, event or even a romantic weekend.




The Stress Free, Flexible Way to Travel: Helicopter Hire


Helicopter hire allows your travel itinerary to be flexible thus allowing you to enjoy a VIP Service whilst taking advantage of an efficient mode of transport. Helicopter hire can be used for many purposes including, short breaks, attending special events, whether it is a special family occasion such as a wedding, a major sports event or a just a day out visiting family and friends.


Save yourself time and avoid unnecessary stress when you want to go to a special occasion, an outdoor event, an airport for a long haul holiday or escape for a romantic weekend. All you have to do is pick up the phone and leave the travel details and arrangements to us, safe in the knowledge that we will do the rest. You will benefit from a reliable service that gives you maximum enjoyment from your trip as you will not waste time worrying about trivial matters or suffering from delays, which take the shine off otherwise memorable experiences.


Relax safe in the knowledge that all the details that are important to you will have been taken care of by your dedicated flight manager; available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will even be able to request a luxury hamper to be included with your flight for your journey.


Get to your destination quickly and without the stress associated with scheduled flights, road and rail delays. Experience a luxurious and comfortable trip as well as a direct point to point travel alternative. With your helicopter hire you will be picked up at an airport of airflield near your home or office which saves you time and gives you greater convenience and flexibility.

Arrive Ready to Enjoy the Event


Maximise your time by using the advantages of helicopter hire.  Be treated to a VIP Service which gives you better security with a flexible timetable built around your own bespoke itinerary and travelling requirements. You will travel in a fast, efficient and flexible way, which means even the busiest of people will be able to attend those important events or spend time with their loved ones.


Step out of the helicopter feeling refreshed and ready to go straight to your event. This is a bespoke, personal and discrete service, designed to make your journey a special part of the day rather than just a means of travelling. Private helicopter hire is a lifestyle option for the discerning passenger who values VIP Service levels.

Helicopter Charter for Outdoor Events


Arriving in style adds more to your experience of attending an outdoor event, whether you are a corporate guest, a sponsor or a spectator. You enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury with the added bonus of avoiding the traffic congestion, on arrival and especially on departure, when everyone tries to leave at once. Simply fly over everyone else at the end of the outdoor event knowing you will be whisked away at a time of your choosing and arriving home in a fraction of the time.

Flying gives you great flexibility so you arrive when you want and leave when you want, not worrying about the traffic on the way home and the prospect of facing long arduous journeys. Traffic jams take away from the experience, lessening the occasion so why spend hours not moving?
Arriving in comfort and style, sipping champagne or cocktails on the way, adds an extra special dimension to your enjoyment.
Flying in a helicopter is one of the quickest ways to get to outdoor events. Spend less time travelling and more time enjoying yourself.
There are many outdoor events throughout South Africa, so it is not possible to list them all. Should you wish to attend any outdoor event, or any other special event such as a outdoor event we can fly you to these too.

For more details or to book your private hire helicopter and experience VIP Service please call our team now on +27 (0) 72 219 3264 to reserve the date.

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