Customized for your Specific Needs

All of our training is one-on-one. Helivate offers a relaxed and fun training environment, while still extending high standards of Drone Flying Instruction to Student Pilots.




        Existing PPL/CPL



-3 Lessons (1 day)

-RPL test

-Theory (4 days)

-4 exams

-Test fee

-Manned Aircraft Intro

-Camera Setup Course

-Simulator Practice

-DJI App course



-3  Lessons -1 day

-Theory -7 days

-8 exams

-Radio course

-English proficiency

-Medical class 4

-Test Fee

Ab-initio training is conducted on the popular Phantom 4 Drone 

 Theory Training 

Consists of 4-7 days of in-class training with one of our instructors.

The following subjects are covered during the course as prescribed by the SACAA:

– Principles of Flight

– Air Law for Remotely Piloted Aircraft

– Meteorology

– RPAS Technical and General

– Flight Planning and Navigation

– Human Factors

– Radiotelephony

Pilots who hold an NPL, PPL or CPL, can, however, complete the course in only 3-4 Days. Helivate uses Mock exams throughout the RPL course to ensure that all the students are prepared for their final exam.

Practical Training

Practical training consists of a variety of exercises that the student must become proficient before being able to do their final evaluation. Most students are able to master these exercises within a short amount of time. We have the very best instructors with years of experience who will evaluate each person individually and assist them in improving their flying competency.