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Learning to fly a helicopter is an exhilarating experience

Helivate proudly offers helicopter training of a high standard by professional, qualified instructors. Based in Krugersdorp, Helivate brings the convenience of flying a helicopter close to home for those on the West Rand. Training at a private airfield such as Krugersdorp offers many benefits, some of which include the opportunity of value for your money” as there are no ATC or traffic delays, no landing fees as well as no distractions that one has at busy airports such as Grand Central, Rand and Lanseria Airports. Helivate can provide students with all the helicopter training requirements they may have. We offer a complete career path from training for your PPL (H) to training to gain your CPL (H).

Learning how to fly a helicopter on your own requires special skill and co-ordination, which is considered to be more challenging than flying a fixed-wing aircraft. However the sense of achievement you get from mastering how to fly a helicopter is a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience.


All of our training is one-on-one, tailored to the individual student. Students have the freedom to set their own schedules and progress at any pace. Some students attend as "full time" students (approximately 4 hours per day) while others may opt to attend at a more leisurely pace. The program usually takes the average student about 10-12 months to complete on a part time basis.


We extend high standards of instruction to students who intend to fly purely as a hobby or those who go onto be commercial pilots.


It's a fantastic and exhilarating experience – Once you've tried it you will be hungry for more!

Helivate can make your dream of flying come true

We offer Introductory flights for those that are keen to take the plunge and want a bit of a taster:
Your helicopter flying lesson will start with a briefing from a certified instructor who will tell you all you need to know about piloting a helicopter and the safety regulations concerning it. You can ask as many questions as you want to make sure you’re really familiarised with the theory before you turn it into practice. You’ll get to know a lot more about the technology and controls of the helicopter before actually trying it out yourself.
During the flight you can also actually try and fly the helicopter yourself– The instructor will show you how to manoeuvre the helicopter and you get to practice hovering as well. Activity experiences don't get much more exciting! And what's even better, you can invite all your friends and family to watch you as you fly off and to witness your great moment.


Nothing quite says "arriving in style" better than flying your own helicopter, the transport of choice of the rich and powerful. But it's so much more than that– if you want to get places faster, beat the traffic, sample the airborne lifestyle of the military, police or medics or simply enjoy a bird's eye view from way up high, nothing beats a helicopter.

Speciality Pilot Training

If you already have your helicopter pilot licence and would like to enhance your skills and/or increase your employment prospects, we offer a variety of advanced training options:

Helicopter Training Package on R44 includes:

  • Study material

  • Ground school

  • CAA exams

  • 50 hours flying on R44

  • Flight test

  • Night rating option

  • Helicopter Hour building package

  • Study material 

Flexible hour building packages on R44 includes:

  • Ground School

  • Night rating option

  • Instructor rating option

  • Mountain flying option

  • Sling rating option

  • Coastal flying safari option

  • Cross country trips to Sun City, Big Game lodges

  • Gain Experience in various controlled airspaces

TUrbine Rating 

As most flight training is conducted in piston engine helicopters, if you wish to operate a turbine-powered helicopter you will need to obtain a rating for each type of helicopter you wish to fly

night Rating 

This allows you to fly in Visual Flying Rules (VFR) conditions at night. Even if you don’t need to fly at night this is a good rating to have to improve your skills.

Instrument Rating 

For the aspiring professional pilot, or for the dedicated Private Pilot, the instrument rating takes you into the world of advanced flight, giving you the capability of flying, navigating and landing in weather conditions that would keep the birds on the ground.
You will have encountered the basics of instrument flight during your night rating training, and these 10 hours of instrument time are counted towards your Instrument Rating training. From this base, you now learn radio navigation, controlled airspace communication, holding procedures, en-route risk management, approach and go-around procedures, transition to visual and landing in reduced visibility. Abnormalities and emergencies are continuously introduced and appropriate behaviour is emphasised

sling  Rating 

This rating is a requirement for helicopter pilots working in the areas of firefighting, search and rescue, and mining and logging. Sling load operations are one of the most technically difficult skills to master and require a high level of concentration, so completing this training is guaranteed to increase your flying ability and career prospects.

We have highly-experienced instructors available to train you for Long Line and Short Line Sling endorsements on the Alouette III. Minimum flight time required for this rating is determined by your instructor and dependent on the time it takes you to become proficient in the operation.

instructor  Rating 

To achieve the instructor rating, you will need to develop your skills and knowledge in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) syllabus. This includes a requirement of 20-hour course which covers all aspects of patter and left-seat flying sequences. The theoretical component, commonly known as ‘Briefings’, will total 20 hours.


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Awesome people!!
Very professional and really great experience. Definitely going to do my PPL!!

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Awesome intro flight package for my husband's birthday. He enjoyed it thoroughly!!

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Friendly greeting on arrival

Made us feel special on our wedding anniversary lunch trip

Pilot was very communicative and kept us entertained and educated about the environment throughout our trip

Great value for money

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